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for Textiles

 Textiles can easily become hosts to microorganisms responsible for unpleasant odours, colour degradation and deterioration. Fresche's Quatlock™ treatments for textiles are a highly effective approach to long-term protection of natural and synthetic fibres. Quatlock™ forms a covalent "lock and bond" with the substrate on which it is applied to provide durable, persistent, long-term protection.

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High Performance Textiles

*Not all claims can be made in all markets, please refer to our regulatory page for more information.

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Manufacturer Benefits:

  • Better for the Environment
    Zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC)
  • Easy to apply
    No special material handling requirements 
  • Suitable for natural & synthetic substrates
  • Greater supply chain flexibility
    Compatable with short & long runs

  • Marketing Support
    Quatlock™ brand support & marketing

Product Benefits:

  • Odour Control
    With 99% reduction in bacteria, even after 50 washes* Fresche offers high performance odour control
  • Proven to kill 99.99% bacteria 
    Even after extended wash cycles*
  • Longer between wash cycles
    Soil resistant features make things easier to wash, saving water and meaning they can be worn more 
  • Antifungal
    Proven to inhibit fungal growth, even over long periods of time
  • Kinder on the environment
    Fresche treatments don't contain silver ions or thiabenddazole and breaks down to form simple organic compounds at end of life
  • Antistatic
    Move freely with the comfort of antistatic control

*Not all claims can be made in all markets, please refer to our regulatory page for more information.

Hotel Staff with Towels

One Technology.

Multiple Applications.

Our textile treatments are effective across a broad range of textiles from manchester and bedding, to apparel and uniforms. 

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Modern Bedroom

Home Textiles

Running Shoes


Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Fibre Fill

T-shirts on Hangers

Commercial Laundry

Home Nurse Making Bed


Certified & Tested

​Fresche contains a US EPA registered antimicrobial and is an approved application of Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex is a registered trade mark of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.

All our solutions have also been independently lab tested and verified to international standards. For more information on our test results and efficacy data, please get in touch with one of our team. 

Mother and Child

Better for you, better for the environment

Many of the other antimicrobial products that are applied to textiles, include toxic chemicals or compounds such as triclosan, thiabendazole or silver ions, all of which are leaching technologies. In each case the compound leaves the surface on which it has been applied, and progressively depletes in antimicrobial efficacy leaving the surface unprotected from microbial infestation. Fresche technologies are non-leaching, meaning that they remain on the textiles and don't pose unnecessary environmental or health risks. 


  • How do you apply Fresche treatments?
    Fresche is a liquid, applied either directly to the polyol prior to mixing or via the mix head during pouring. Fresche is not a suspension, so it will not create blockages or cause pump cavitation.
  • Is it compatable with Urethane Chemistry?
    Yes! During foam manufacture, Fresche is injected with the polyol to disburse evenly throughout the foam. It is fully compatible with conventional urethane chemistry and will not char, discolor, harden or cause odour. Fresche concentrates become an integral part of the foam chemistry during manufacture, in some cases allowing manufacturers to reduce or eliminate raw material inputs. It is also compatible with other ancillary coatings such as fire retardants or waterproofing compounds, although prior testing should be undertaken to validate your compounds. Fresche products are the world's first silane quat that can easily be incorporated into urethane foams as it's stabilised in a liquid non-flammable carrier.
  • What is it effective against?
    Substrates treated with Fresche become effective against*: - Fungi - Bacteria - Mould - Dust Mites - Viruses - Protozea - Gram Negative - Gram Positive *Not all claims can be made in all markets.
  • How effective is it against dust mites?
    House Dust Mites (HDM) are an unwelcome but prevalent guest in most homes. Fresche concentrates have been demonstrated on both polyurethane foam and textiles to be completely effective at controlling HDM populations. Using test standard AFNOR NF G 39-011, treated textile and bedding foam was subjected to a six week trial to assess the efficacy of Fresche on the development of HDM (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), when compared to the development on untreated fabrics and foams. ​ Both Textiles and Foam treated with Fresche gave a complete control of the dust mite population, whilst the untreated controls showed greater than 17 fold increases in the mite populations. * Not all claims can be made in all markets.
  • Can you use it with rebonded materials?
    Absolutely — we even recommend it. Rebonded foams manufactured using recycled foam stock can often have significantly high levels of fungal infestation. Fresche offers a program of unique duel function formulations with an initial flash kill agent, together with long term, durable microbial protection of the treated substrate.
  • Are Fresche treatments harmful?
    Fresche is easy to apply, bonds to the foam, delivers optimum microbial protection and lasts the service life of the foam product. Foam treated with Fresche is free of fugitive chemical pesticides and heavy metals, and ideal for people and the environment. Fresche offers powerful microbial control and protection for foam mattress bedding in hospital, aged care and child care settings, where nosocomial and other infection issues are a serious infection control problem.

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