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Advanced Antimicrobials

Fresche Bioscience has developed a new generation SI QAC antimicrobial called QuatLock™. Quatlock™ delivers high performance, broad spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, mould and odour protection on surfaces to which it is either applied or infused*. It is widely recognised as one of the world's most advanced non-volatile, surface bonded antimicrobial, safe for people, plants, pets and the environment.

*Not all claims can be made in all markets, please refer to our regulatory page for more information.

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Advanced Antimicrobial Protection
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Free from
silver ions & thiabendazole
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Durable & Long Lasting

How does QuatLock™ work? 

What makes QuatLock™ more effective than other antimicrobials? 

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Longer Lasting Protection
Quatlock™ is non-leaching (making it much more durable than other antimicrobials)

Leaching antimicrobials are typically chemical, metal ion (including silver) and other nanotechnology approaches which deplete in performance as they leach from (leave) the surface. They eventually deplete to the point where the treated surface is no longer protected from microbial attack.​

Quatlock™ is a non-leaching technology, meaning that it doesn't leave, migrate or transfer from the surface. Only heavy abrasion will diminish the bond.  The end result? The antimicrobial benefits are more much more effective and last for longer. 

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Greener Technology
Quatlock™ doesn't rely on chemicals to kill microbes (making it one of the cleanest antimicrobials on the market today) 

Many biocides and antimicrobials comprise chemicals which include thiabendazole, triclosan, metal ions (including silver and nano-silver) all of which do not readily break down and often bio accumulate in our natural environment. 


Some, during the process of microbial interaction result in cell mutagenicity that leads to microbial resistance or what is more commonly referred to as superbugs. 

Quatlock™ is very different in it's mode of action to most chemical and metals based antimicrobial compounds, and uses a bio-based antimicrobial that is one of the cleanest and greenest in the world. 

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We put people first
Quatlock™ uses a mechanical kill (making it more effective in the long term)

Most antimicrobial treatments seek to deactivate bacteria and fungi by chemical interaction, which more frequently is only partially successful, thereby permitting bacteria and fungi to develop resistance to further antimicrobial treatments. Long term, this isn't good for people, or for the environment we live in.

Quatlock™ treatments function by penetrating and terminally destroying the delicate cell membrane of bacterial and fungal organisms. This is effectively achieved by mechanically setting a series of molecular "road spikes" on a surface, which attract and destroy pathogens through a process known as lysis. The pathogen cell is drawn onto the molecular spike through simple magnetic attraction and ruptures the cell wall. As the cell wall is unable to control its own hydrostatic pressure, this results in both immediate and terminal disintegration of the cell. Because it doesn't disable organisms by the use of toxic chemicals, organisms are unable to adapt to it.


Because the Fresche molecule remains bonded to the surface or substrate, it remains ready to defend and protect the surface or substrate from any subsequent colonisation or attack by bacterial or fungal organisms.

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We make the ethical choice affordable
Quatlock™ easily integrates into manufacturing processes. 

We have several different formulations, depending on the final product. Each concentration has been specially developed and contains no solid particles ensuring that production equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Not only that, but our concentrates are guaranteed to be high performing — without the high price tag. 

Certified & Tested

​Fresche contains a US EPA registered antimicrobial and is an approved application of Oeko-Tex. Oeko-Tex is a registered trade mark of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.

All our solutions have also been independently lab tested and verified to international standards. For more information on our test results and efficacy data, please get in touch with one of our team. 

Camping in Mountains

We believe in a more sustainable future. 

We are committed to sustainable development, balancing innovative solutions that help satisfy society’s needs, whilst optimising our use of resources. All reasonable steps are taken to prevent harm to human health and the environment. Even during the disposal stage of treated antimicrobial surfaces [such as in land fill], there is no zone of inhibition or chemical leaching to impact waterways and other ecological processes.

In an industry renowned for the marketing of volatile chemical and silver ion antimicrobials that leach, deplete and harm the environment, Fresche antimicrobial products are unique in their environmental performance. 

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