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About Fresche

From Australia to the World

We are an Australian company offering world-leading biotechnology solutions. Working across consumer, commercial, industrial and healthcare we are a companion technology partner for some of the world’s largest manufacturers and companies, supporting them to develop higher-quality, longer-lasting and more environmentally sustainable products. ​ 


We have partnered with over 60 corporate brands, in over 28 global markets. Our head office is located in Melbourne Australia, with sales offices in Auckland New Zealand, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou in China. Regional support offices are being established in Europe and the United States.​​

As well as supplying high performance antimicrobial solutions to manufacturers, we also have several other brands that sell direct to businesses and consumers. 

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Designed with our world leading QuatLock technology SIQURA protectants provide long-lasting protection, actively defending surfaces against microbes that come their way. 


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Gearlock's advanced antimicrobials have been designed for sport. They are highly durable, and offer long-lasting protection against germs. 


We believe in a

brighter future...

We are driven by a vision to see a better, safer and more sustainable world. We work towards this by leading the field in developing the next generation of antimicrobial technologies. For us, it’s all about sustainability — the sustainability of people and the sustainability of our planet.


You see, many existing antimicrobials are made using heavy metals, carcinogens and other potentially endocrine disrupting compounds. Not only are they bad for humans, but existing production practices are often very environmentally destructive and draw heavily from unrenewable sources like fossil fuels.


We believe there is a better way forward. A smarter and more sustainable way that doesn’t compromise performance or quality. And that’s why we exist — to continue bringing to market bio-based alternatives that are eco-aware, derived from renewable sources, safe for humans and are even more effective and long-lasting than their toxic predecessors.

Hiking Path

Fresche Bioscience team members are a reflection of the Fresche company culture. This reflection of our core values and ambitions, infers personal responsibility, transparency and accountability at all levels of the Fresche organisation, worldwide.​ 


Each of our employees are hand picked for their personal ethos, professional work ethic, their knowledge, experience, relational skills and capability to work both competently and confidentially as an integrated part of our partners own business.​


Fresche company directors and management have broad corporate backgrounds, and a track record of international success in the leadership and management of high growth companies in international markets. At the same time, Fresche managers are all personally "hands on", intimately involved with our customers and partners in creating new enterprise value for their respective companies and company stakeholders.

Our People

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We live by our values

​We will focus on needs of customers, who are the keys to our success.
We will strive to meet the highest standard of professionalism.
We will support an entrepreneurial environment and spirit in our company.
We commit to doing what is right, and doing what we say we will do.
We will strive to deliver excellence in quality, value, innovation and service
We will embrace and promote openness, trust, teamwork and diversity.
We will accept personal responsibility to deliver on our commitments.
We will strive to create new enterprise value for our customers business.
We will conduct ourselves as good stewards of our environment.

Inside Fresche

We are constantly innovating, testing and finding better ways to create healthier environments for people to live and thrive in. This is where you'll find the latest news and updates from us. 

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