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for Surfaces

Fresche has developed a ready to use product specifically for surfaces, called SIQURA™.

SIQURA™ offers an innovative range that includes Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant, a Neutral Multi-Surface Spray and a Hand Sanitiser & Protectant. The products can be used together as a complete cleaning, disinfection and protection system or integrated into existing cleaning protocols to support a wholistic infection control strategy.


QuatLock™ Technology

SIQURA™ protectants use our world-leading QuatLock™ technology to form a defensive shield on the surfaces it is applied to.
Once bonded the QuatLock™ doesn’t leave the surface or deplete in microbial efficacy. Unlike many antimicrobials, the QuatLock™ layer is not consumed during disinfection, meaning that surfaces remain cleaner for longer.
All SIQURA™ protectants are a two-in-one solution — they not only disinfect, but they also provide long-lasting protection, actively defending surfaces against the pathogenic microbes that come their way.


SIQURA™ protectants are used in a wide range of industries and applications including:
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare & Education
  • Automotive
  • Public Transport
  • Office Buildings
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
SQ Sanitiser Hands Foaming.jpeg

Responding to the new normal

SIQURA™ offers cleaning, disinfection and sanitation products that are ideal for the post-COVID world. We see the challenges that each industry is facing in adapting to the “new normal” and developing appropriate COVID-safe plans and we are committed to developing innovative products that help support healthier environments. Whether you are looking to buy bulk hand sanitiser or wanting to upgrade the cleaning and disinfection protocols at your facility, SIQURA™ has products to support your needs. 

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