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Fresche EF3851 contains 35% active 3-(Trimethoxysilyl) propyl dimethyloctadecyl Ammonium Chloride in a non flammable solvent.

Fresche EF3851 will form a durable antimicrobial film offering excellent broad spectrum anti- bacterial and anti-fungal protection to a wide range of surfaces including textiles, poly- urethane foam, plastics, metals, carpets and cotton. When properly applied EF3851 creates a bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic surface using only a minimal amount of additive.

Surfaces, fabrics and other textiles treated with EF3851 are safe for human contact and friendly to the environment. The antimicrobial agent is leach resistant, non-migrating and importantly is not consumed by micro organisms.

This product does not contain any organotin’s or other organo-metallic compounds.

Packaging formats :

Product Code Packaging format Nett Product Weight
EF3851-200 200L/55 Gal. 1H1 UN Spec Plastic Barrel 200kg
EF3851-IBC UN Spec I.B.C. 1000kg

Sample product is available in 3.75kg (1 US Gal) containers, 10kg and 20kg U.N. Spec containers.  Other formats available upon request.