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Urethane Foam

Fresche Bioscience delivers many technical and performance benefits to manufacturers of urethane foam products. Our foam protection compounds are fully compatible with conventional urethane chemistry.

Fresche foam protection treatments are highly stable, methanol free and completely non-flammable. During foam manufacture, Fresche is injected with the polyol, and will disburse perfectly and evenly throughout the foam. Our silane quat technology forms a covalent bond to the foam substrate to deliver long-term persistent microbial control and protection for the service life of the foam product.

Fresche antimicrobials have been subjected to extensive microbial and fungal challenge testing in approved test labs to international test standards.

Fresche foam protection delivers high performance microbial control and protection, broad odour protection and dust mite protection*. When bound to the substrate Fresche foam protection will not leach or deplete and therefore lasts the service life of the foam product. Fresche foam protection is used by leading international manufacturers of:

  • mattress foams
  • pillow & cushion foams
  • furniture foams
  • floor underlay foams
  • medical foams
  • sports equipment and surfaces
  • aviation, marine & automotive foams
  • insulation foams
  • air and water filtration foams
  • sound attenuation foams

During foam manufacture, Fresche Foam Protection is injected with the polyol to disburse evenly throughout the foam. It is fully compatible with conventional urethane chemistry and will not char, discolor, harden or cause odour.

Fresche foam products become an integral part of the foam chemistry during manufacture, in some cases allowing manufacturers to reduce or eliminate raw material inputs. It is also compatible with other ancillary coatings such as fire retardants or waterproofing compounds, although prior testing should be undertaken to validate your compounds.

Fresche Foam protection products are the worlds first silane quat that can easily be incorporated into urethane foams as it's stabalised in an aqueous non-flammable carrier.

For the first time bedding manufacturers and marketers are able to combine Fresche foam protection with Fresche microbial textile protection for top of bed ticking, liners, linen, blankets and covers. This is the first time foam and textile substrates can share the same safe, high performance, eco friendly product platform.

Surfaces and substrates treated with Fresche Foam Protection become inhospitable environments for dust mites, given depletion of the food source necessary for them to colonise the area and stay.

While dust mites are present in most home environments and their ultimate eradication is difficult, recent independent laboratory tests on surfaces and substrates treated with Fresche organosilane quat compounds clearly show that dust mite populations evacuated completely from substrates treated with Fresche Foam Protection.

Further information about the impact of Fresche on Dust Mites can be found here : Dust Mites

Rebonded foams manufactured using recycled foam stock can often have significantly high levels of fungal infestation. Fresche offers a program of unique duel function formulations with an initial flash kill agent, together with long term, durable microbial protection of the treated surface.

Fresche Foam Protection is easy to apply, bonds to the foam, delivers optimum microbial protection and lasts the service life of the foam product. Beds treated with Fresche are free of fugitive chemical pesticides and heavy metals, and completely safe for people and the environment. Combined with top of bed textiles, Fresche Foam protection products deliver the worlds safest sleep zone for peace of absolute mind.

Fresche offers powerful microbial control and protection for foam mattress bedding in hospital, aged care and child care settings, where nosocomial and other infection issues are a serious infection control problem.

* Each country has it’s own specific laws concerning the regulation of chemicals and allowable product claims that can be made.  Please consult local laws when considering allowable treated article claims that can be made. Not all claims are allowable in every market.

Disclaimer for the USA and Canada.

Particular regulations apply in the USA and Canada that limit claims to the protection of the finished treated article from bacteria that cause odor and deterioration caused by mold and mildew. In these countries no claims may be made about effectiveness against dust mites, specific bacteria or public health claims. 

Urethan Foam