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Demand for clothing incorporating antimicrobial protection is growing strongly as consumers are exposed and educated regarding products and technologies, which promote good health and personal well being.

Microbial control and protection treatments in apparel play an important role in controlling odour-producing bacteria. Textile fibres and substrates remain clean, fresh and free of odour. Fresche also provides the worlds most advanced technology treatment for apparel called Fresche Thermo Plus. This unique system delivers optimum performance including microbial surface protection, moisture management, temperature regulation, static control and outstanding ‘plush and expensive' softness to the finished fibre.

This world development is a highly technical manufacturing process and represents a unique opportunity for leading global brands of apparel, footwear, furnishing, bedding, uniforms, and performance military, police, fire, emergency response and healthcare applications.

For apparel manufacturers, Fresche is supplied as an active concentrate stabilized in an aqueous, stable, non-flammable solution. It can be applied to textiles by spray, pad bath or exhaust methods. The solution is invisible when applied, and will not impact or change the hand, color or appearance of the textile. Fresche antimicrobial treatments offer a clear point of competitive difference so talk to us and discover what this new and exciting technology offers your company.

  • women’s apparel
  • men’s apparel
  • children’s and teen apparel
  • infants and baby wear apparel
  • active sportswear
  • sleepwear
  • underwear
  • hosiery
  • footwear
  • rainwear
  • trade work wear
  • workplace uniforms
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